Release notes & Changelogs
The whitepaper provides comprehensive information about Thetan Arena, including gameplay and other game-wise features such as the ecosystem, token economy, and especially the NFTs. It also shows details and progression regarding the development, creative and consulting teams. The whitepaper helps players keep up with further development of Thetan Arena and understand how the game's economy operates more quickly and accurately.
Notice and Disclaimer: The Thetan Arena's team will constantly update this whitepaper. The objective of all changes is to improve the quality and sustainability of the project.

Version 2022.5.1: SUMMER VIBES

  • New Hero: Chef Octopus, a hero as a source of life, a must-have for the winning team.
  • New hero skins: Thetan Arena is releasing up to 3 new skins based on the summer theme. One thing is guaranteed: These skins are going to remind the players what summer is all about enjoyment and fun.
    • Ghost Captain Meiko
    • Boomby Shark Culien
    • Lifeguard El Dragon
  • A New Map: Treasure Island. The new map is going to be named “Treasure Island”, and it’s not only for battling but also for the players to enjoy the scenery and diversify their battle strategies by placing obstacles.
  • Daily Quests. Thetan Arena players will be able to complete extra tasks every day and receive their well-earned rewards. These rewards can be used for upgrading heroes and purchasing items, which will boost the gaming experience.
  • Africa Server is open now. A much smoother gaming experience is being delivered to our players in Africa.
  • Thetan Arena community has expanded to CoinMarketCap Gravity. CoinMarketCap Gravity is a one-stop-shop for crypto projects to engage with the community.
  • Don't forget to take your beloved nickname by changing the username in the Profile cause The Summer Vibes update makes it possible.
  • The 3rd THC Burn: 22,100,000 THC burned.
  • The 2nd THC Burn: Thetan Arena fired up the Summer with the 2nd burning of the THC token. 128,000,000 THC has been burned to ensure the balance of the token. This amount of THC accounted for more than 45% of the total THC in circulation in the market.
  • THG Staking phase 2: The private sales will open in May.
Down the line, we will continue to optimize the marketplace and landing page, making all information about Thetan Arena more accessible to new entrants and investors. The Summer will be on fire

Version 2022.4: MEGA UPDATE

  • The new Roadmap announced
  • The first version of the Code of Conduct for Community was released.
  • Custom Battle v2: the PvP mode is available for everyone. You can create a custom battle to compete with your friends and live stream your battles easily.
  • New Hero: Cala comes to Thetan Arena. Take a chance to get this special hero asap by Cala Reveal Box on the Marketplace.
  • New skins: Elf Guardian (Shanna) and Godz-rilla (Kongkey)
  • UI & UX changes: Users can check their battle rewards or gTHC and gTHG on the Marketplace. All contents related to in-game currency (gTHC, gTHG) are now moved to the Marketplace. Don't panic! NOTHING CHANGES ABOUT TOKEN or IN-GAME CURRENCY; Just the in-game interface changed, including the Premium icon will be displayed instead of gTHC / gTHG.
  • Vesting Safe moved to the Marketplace.
  • The in-game Shop is available on the PC version.
  • Staking: the Summary dashboard is updated.
  • Claim THC token: players can claim once every 72 hours (changed from 48 hours). Claimable amount of THC has a minimum and maximum limits, which vary by different accounts' credibility (min 2000 > max 6000 THC)
  • Watch ads or pay with Power Points (gPP) to use skills in the game
  • Matchmaking, which was painful and mostly complained about by Thetanians, has now been fixed in findmatch time and more balanced matchmaking.


Mini Game is an entertaining playground for all Thetanians on the Marketplace. Depending on the prize, players can buy the ticket with their gTHC to earn gTHC and gTHG. Mini Game will update with new games shortly.


Thetan Arena’s very first eSport Tournament. Prepare yourself, gather your team right now.
  • Total Prize Pool: 20,000 in BUSD ($10,000 for each region)
  • For all Thetanians in South America - LATAM (Apr 23-24) and South-East Asia (30th Apr - 1st May) regions
  • Power Point Box with cosmetic items will be available in Shop
  • Coinbase wallet is coming
  • Daily Quest is on the queue list for the next release

Version: 2022.3 - Big Updates

  • Thetan Arena Stake (THG Staking): The staking model in Thetan Arena is different and special whereby THG holders can contribute to stabilizing the THG token’s value (Full details).
  • $THG & $THC are listed on BabySwap and available for the Smart Router.
  • End season rewards: The rewards (Power Point & non-NFT cosmetics) are based on players' ranks, not on the leaderboard.
  • Ranking Rewards: Additional non-NFT rewards for ALL players (including non-NFT players); Unlocked skills; Cosmetics; Common / Epic / Legendary Heroes
  • Battle Rewards updated: Trophies from each battle will depend on the trophy class of your hero. Non-NFT heroes will receive Power Point as additional rewards from winning or drawing in a battle.
  • Balance adjustments: a few changes to bring more balance to the game included: Hero's HP (Durass: 3520 -> 3344; Velvet: 3300 - 3135; Culien: 2300 -> 2415), Shield (skill): Will be broken after receiving 850 damage; Will automatically break down after 4 seconds. Mortal (hero): Fury immobile time at max range: 0.5s -> 0.3s; Adding disarm ability.
  • Tournaments: Thetan Arena will regularly host in-game tournaments. Thetanians participate in gTHC and receive rewards in gTHG. Tournaments usually have two rewards, including the grand leaderboard and the daily leaderboard.
  • Refer Friend feature reactivation: Reward: 30 Power Point / each friend (Maximum 1500 Power Point / each account). Recognition condition: 5 battles fought.
  • Guild Accelerator Program will run throughout the whole of 2022 with a total grant pool of $500,000 in THG (Full details | Registration Form)
  • Creator Corner: was created with the purpose of providing the users with diverse video content on Thetan Arena from our Creators. It allows the players who are Viewers of the video content several benefits: Access to a wide variety of video content with many useful tips & tricks. your rewards via Creators' links (Full details | Registration form)
  • Cosmetic items: You will finally be able to customize your own profiles. There will be 4 types of Cosmetics for you to choose from: avatar, avatar frame, Emote, spaceship.
  • The new Roadmap's coming soon
  • Cala: the new Hero
  • New Skins for Kongkey & Shanna

Version: 2022.2

  • THC Claim fee changed from 0.3 gTHG to 1 gTHG (It will be applying from 4 AM UTC, Feb 11, 2022 - Details)

Version: 2022.1 - Major Updates

  • Hero Rental is a feature where Thetanians can rent and play their favorite heroes with ease. With this feature, Thetan Arena aims to give all players a more diverse gaming experience and a chance to try the heroes before actually buying them.
  • New Hero: Velvet - Violet Blossom
  • Special Events are unique activities which will be organized in multiple occasions throughout the year. Each activity will be operated within a certain period of time.
  • Vesting Safe: This feature is meant for the healthy growth of the game's economy.
  • Creator Corner
  • Thetan Box drop rate updated
  • Optimization: Game balance, Match making improved.
  • (Coming soon) THG Staking

Version: 2021.12

  • Win Bonus: gTHC bonus for each won battle increased for Common and Epic Heroes. Rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Battle Royale Solo.
  • gTHC Battles updated.

Version: 2021.11

  • Release date: Nov 2021
  • Battle rewards - Win bonus updated
  • Smart Contract audit report
  • Claim THC & THG tokens (Last updated on Nov 27)
  • Battle Rewards updated
  • Heroes' gTHC Battles updated
  • Thetan Box drop-rate
  • Thetan Box price & min rate updated (Last updated on Nov 25)
  • Heroes' Upgrading updated
  • Wallets and Digital Assets - Terms of Use updated
  • The Default Hero changed to the Normal Hero.
  • (updating) The Official release - What's New

Version: 2021.10

  • Release date: Oct 2021
  • The Gameplay's contents are updated.
  • Thetan Box drop-rate changes

Version: 2021.09

  • Release date: Sept 2021
  • Objectives: provide aggregate information so that players can quickly join the match.
  • Thetan Gem: We provide a detailed release roadmap and distribution of THG tokens
  • New Roadmap, Treasury inflows updated
  • Notice and Disclaimer updated