Play To Earn

Play-to-Earn in Thetan Arena

In Thetan Arena, you can Play to Earn in many ways:

  1. If you don't want to invest money into the game, you can use Free (Normal) Hero to participate in battles so to accumulate enough in-game rewards of Thetan Coin ($THC) for playing. You may also sell $THC in a peer-to-peer manner to the market or use it to open more Premium Hero, and its take time.

  2. If you can't wait, a combination of $THC and $THG may be consumed to open Thetan Box to get Premium Heroes. With Premium Heroes, players can dedicate playing hours to level up, and possibly trade them for $THC. In addition, you can also use Premium Heroes to participate in various special events to earn more $THC and $THG in reward. If you want more, let sharpen your skills and conquer the leader-boards.

  3. As a digital asset holder, you can treat Premium Heroes as digital assets that may earn rewards/income by active battling in the Arena. The owner of premium heroes can enter into private arrangements with the actual players, entering into direct peer-to-peer arrangements for rental of heroes or sharing rewards obtained cooperatively. Players who are unable to obtain these Premium heroes may also work together to earn digital tokens, because they have the time & skills to optimize your digital assets.

  4. As a Player, who spends time to sharpen their skills & ability to optimize any Heroes and become partners in the ecosystem.

  5. As a streamer, you can stream games to attract game players to support you and receive rewards from Thetan community.

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