Community-Driven Game Design

Community-Driven Game Design

We want Thetan to become the first Blockchain-based MOBA games which truly owned and governed by the community. In the Shooter and MOBA genres, community-driven game design has also flourished for years as Custom Map, which are alterations or modifications to the original game made by players or fans.

Thetan Arena builds the essential resources for development in the next ten years and authorizes the community to develop their custom modes, maps, cosmetics and monetize them. This opens up limitless possibilities but must be approached carefully. In the past, projects have been abandoned and become stagnant using the term “decentralization” as a ruse. The shift to a true Decentralized organization will occur gradually over time.

A healthy community that create values and benefits

We create an attractive game and build a healthy development community where everyone can create values and benefits for themselves.

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Thetan Arena

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