Assassins are deadly and silent killers who can engage the fight, eliminate the target in a single combo, and retreat without being noticed.

Basic Attributes:

  • Health Point: Low

  • Attack Damage: High

  • Speed: High

Assassin Heroes

  • Raidon

Member of the Delta Special Ops, Raidon's responsibility is to secure the peace of the people. He believes that Justice's above all, which is the reason why he is the hero of Earth's people.

  • Serp

Code Name: Serpent. He is the Commander of the South America Marine Force. He is an expert of flanking and ambushing the enemy from behind.

  • Rei

Joining the Saviors in order to protect the people of his homeland against the invasion and dictatorial power of the Government. Rei gradually gets caught up in the eternal conflicts between factions.

  • Mortal

The younger brother of the twin criminals in the Metal Outlaws gang, Mortal is smarter than Breaker a bit but still loves fighting and destroying things. He looks like a dwarf.

  • El Dragon

After retiring from professional Robot Boxing, El Dragon moves to Bionic. Being there, she earns a lot from them while still doing what she does best: fighting. She is one of BigPapa's subordinates, which allows her to do everything she wants without fear.

  • Velvet

Velvet is a famous assassin. In a battle against the Government forces, Velvet was lethally injured. The Solar Eclipse saved her by replacing all the below parts with mechanical components. Since then, she has sworn to stay loyal to the Solar Eclipse.

  • Mary

Coming from a forgotten nobel family, Mary possesses a skillset of an assassin. She is also a master in using daggers and pistols, which makes her a big threat to any target. Thanks to her agility, she can eliminate her prey and escape quickly without being noticed.

  • Taekwon

Taekwon is a Taekwondo master who has a big ambition to reach the top of the martial arts world. He seeks and challenges others who called themselves martial arts masters to find the right path. He respects the rules and justice and is the one willing to take all the responsibilities.

  • Durass

Coming from a lost tribe that was famous for technology, Durass is a kind warrior with a warm heart. However, BigPapa wanted him to join his force, so he manipulated Durass and made him become one of BigPapa's strongest subordinates.

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