The Team

One of the most hard-working teams on the planet, and since working is so fun, they seem to never get enough of it.

Thetan Arena team brings together members who are both prominent and experienced in the field of game development as well as blockchain technology. The game development team is founded in 2014 under the name of Wolffun, with a specialty in Online PvP games for mobile platforms. We started small with only 4 members developing casual games. Since 2015, we have been concentrating more on the mid-core action genre and have published "Tank Raid Online" - our very first game title in the action genre. The game has been a success attracting more than 5M players to date. It is still known and loved worldwide and has achieved many prizes since its launch, including Google Editors' Choice.

We all share the burning passion for video games and dedicate our lives to making unique mobile games that can bring the best experiences to our users. Through our mutual love for games, we are connected as a team and have developed a habit of doing other wonderful things together.

We have created ourselves an environment where challenges are sought after and welcomed. Every day should bring all members a new challenge to face and conquer. We do not accept the first solution so easily, even if it is one from a C-level manager. We push ourselves to the limit and always actively looking for the better and even better ones. We keep those thoughts as our mindsets, which creates uniqueness in all the games we have been making.

Focus while working is, of course, important but certainly not enough. We also focus all of our โ€œhealth points and damageโ€ on only the most brilliant ideas. That way, although we cannot create many things, we can create the best ones instead. Nothing should be prioritized over the qualities of the product, especially in games, because fun is the best part of life!

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