Effect Skill: Inflicting status on self, allies, and enemies

  • Ice Ball: Freezing enemies in a chosen area for a short period.

  • Crazy Charge: The hero charges forwards with a burst of speed, stuns, and deals damage to the first enemy it hits.

  • Bubble Prison: Disabling any enemy's action while they are inside the bubble and causing them to receive increased damages.

  • Rubber Chain: Tying 2 enemies with a chain. They cannot move farther from each other.

  • Invisible: Heroes become invisible and can only be detected if an enemy gets too close.

  • Toxic Fluid: Creating a pond filled with toxic liquid. Slowing enemies and causing them to take damage over time.

  • Black Hole: Launching a black hole bomb that draws enemies in and preventing them from moving freely.

  • Rocket Plunger: Hooking an enemy with a plunger and disabling them for a short period.

  • Burrow: Allowing heroes to hide underground and then un-hide to knock up and damage any nearby enemy.

  • Meteor Slam: Heroes elevates themselves in the air and perform a massive slam to a chosen area, dealing damage and knocking enemies up.

  • Ghost Fade: Rapidly sliding to an area. Can be re-activated to get back to the starting position.

  • Bullet Volley: Firing a burst of bullets in a wide cone of effect. Dealing damage to enemies and stunning them.

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