🧀Private Ticket


Private Ticket is an extra and special perk of the staking program, which is only available if the user chooses the High Rewards Stake option. In order to participate in Private Sales, a user has to have Private Tickets.

The sooner the users stake, the more Private Tickets will accumulate over time.

  • Each Private ticket will be purchased equivalent to 5 BUSD.

  • The maximum amount a user can spend on a Private Sale is 250 BUSD, equivalent to 50 Private Tickets.

  • The tickets will accumulate until the end of the staking program

  • Private Tickets can not be transferred or transacted.

The Fee

The fee for participating in Private Sales with Private Tickets is 20% of the amount spent on a project, paid in THC (*). The THC will be burned to decrease the supply of the token in the market.

(*) Each user is allowed to spend up to 250 BUSD/Private Sale. If a user decides to spend the maximum amount, which is 250 BUSD, on a project, then the 20% fee is going to be 50 BUSD. This 50 BUSD is going to be paid in THC. At that time, if 1 THC = 0.012, the fee will be 4,166 THC.

In order to spend 250 BUSD on a Private Sale, a user has to meet the following conditions: 1) 50 private tickets (each ticket is worth 5 BUSD). 2) 250 BUSD (paid in BUSD) vĂ  3) ~4,166 THC (equivalent to 50 BUSD)

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