🔆Private Sales

Private sales for High Rewards Stake participants.

Private Sale is a unique value for the Thetan Arena Staking program. High Rewards Stake participants will receive Private Tickets to buy Private Sales from potential projects. Thetan Arena Staking will update new Private Sales monthly for Private Ticket holders.

Private Ticket is an extra and special perk of the staking program, which is only available if the user chooses the High Rewards Stake option. To participate in Private Sales, a user has to have Private Tickets.

Private Sales Fee

The fee for participating in Private Sales with Private Tickets is 20% of the amount spent on a project, paid in THC. Thetan Arena will burn this THC to decrease the token supply in the market.

How to calculate the fee?

For example, each user can buy up to 250 BUSD/Private Sale following the rule. If a user decides to buy the maximum amount, 250 BUSD on a project, the 20% fee will be 50 BUSD. The user will pay a 50 BUSD fee in THC. At that time, if 1 THC = 0.012, the fee will be 4,166 THC.

⇨ To spend 250 BUSD on a Private Sale, a user has to meet the following conditions:

  1. 50 private tickets (each ticket is worth 5 BUSD).

  2. 250 BUSD (paid in BUSD)

  3. 4,166 THC (equivalent to 50 BUSD) - (*) for reference only

Private Sales

We buy Private sales from projects that have the potential to have prominent backers. Users can consult the information about the project on Thetan Arena Staking as well as the website and whitepaper of the projects.

You can choose a private sale according to your own analysis. The responsibility and investment decisions are yours.

Private Sales list (monthly update)

  • Apr - May 2022: Backed by prominent investors and ventures, all 3 projects are to help Thetanians optimize their investments when they choose the High Rewards Stake option.

    • Balthazar: The project is one of Australia's first scholar-driven NFT gaming platforms with Animoca Brands, Fantom, Algorand, and other prominent investors as their backers.

    • salad: Salad Ventures assembles a team of builders who share the same dream of establishing the future Play-to-Earn economy by developing and backing outstanding projects. With such a prominent scope, Salad Ventures has secured funds from many notable backers in the sector, such as Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, Polygon Studios, Kosmos Ventures, Gemini Frontier Fund, etc

    • Infinity Force: is a cross-chain Play-to-Earn management system that serves as a connection between games, gamers, and guilds. The project has been backed by well-known institutions, such as Animoca Brands, Jump Crypto, Skyvision Capital, OKEX Blockdream Ventures, etc.

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