🤟Flexible Stake

Staking option for every THG hodlers.

Starts on Apr 01, 2022 - Stop receiving tokens on Oct 14, 2023. This option allows a flexible procedure as Thetanians can withdraw THG at any time.

  • Any amount of THG can be staked; no NFT is required.

  • Daily THG rewards Unstake at any time.

  • APR up to 80%.

How to Stake

  1. Log in to your game account (Wolffun ID)

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to Thetan Arena's Marketplace

  3. After logging in to the Wolffun ID and connecting Metamask, the next step is to choose the staking option.

  4. Choose the Flexible Stake option

  5. Choose the amount of THG you want to stake

How to Unstake

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