Battle Pass


The Battle Pass is the key reward system of each Season (one season lasts three months). The Battle Pass provides players with many valuable rewards, helping them power up to achieve a higher Rank in the season. As the reward system representing a Season, the Battle Pass will include Season-specific rewards such as new heroes, new skins, avatars, etc.

How it works

The Battle Pass is divide into 60 Tiers. Each Tier requires a certain amount of Season Points to pass and receive the rewards of that Tier. Players can obtain Season Points by participating in Battles or from in-game quest rewards.

Each Tier of the Battle Pass is divide into two types of rewards:

  • Normal rewards: normal rewards, average amount, and not much variety

  • Premium rewards: premium rewards, large quantity, variety, and special rewards.

Battle Pass reset

At the beginning of the new season, the player's progress on the Battle Pass will be reset to 0, and the reward of the Battle Pass will also be changed according to the characteristics of that season.

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