Hero Rental

What is Hero Rental? How does it work?

What is Hero Rental?

Hero Rental is a feature where Thetanians can rent and play their favorite heroes with ease. With this feature, Thetan Arena aims to give all players a more diverse gaming experience and a chance to try the heroes before actually buying them.

In Hero Rental, owners can set their heroes up for rent on the marketplace. On the other hand, renters will spend an amount of THC for rented heroes’ temporary ownership alongside with many other attractive benefits.

What are the rent requirements?

As heroes are put up on the marketplace for rent, they must have:

  • Price: set by owners, at least 50 THC

  • Battle limits: set by owners

  • Minimum: at least 50 battles

  • Maximum: the heroes’ remaining gTHC battles (over 50)

On the official UI of the feature, the system will show how much THC can be earned during the rent time with a specific win rate.

What are owners / renters benefits?

As the rented heroes’ owners, you can free set their prices and receive all the rent profit (in THC) for your own

As for renters, you will spend the amount of THC set by the owners to receive the rented heroes’ temporary ownership as well as many other rewards while playing them:

  • All gTHC earned via daily battles

  • Trophy

  • Power Points

  • Especially, rented heroes can also join upcoming Special Events.

Important Notes

  • Rented heroes still can be seen in owners’ inventory. However, they will be locked and cannot be transferred/ traded to anywhere else by any means.

  • Rent time will be affected by heroes’ rarity.

  • If the rented heroes reach gTHC daily battle limit, they will be locked up until the daily gTHC battle limit resets.

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