Thetan Story

The story of Thetan Arena began, and it promised to change the entire world's fate forever.

In the 25th century, the world was revolutionized by the discovery of a novel energy source within an extraterrestrial crystal. This energy source exhibited properties that surpassed any previously known energy form and had the potential to replace all existing energy sources in the universe.

In the early 24th century, a sizable asteroid from deep space hurtled toward Earth. When the celestial object entered Earth’s orbit, a global coalition of nations employed advanced defense systems to fragment the asteroid into smaller pieces. Among the debris, eight fragments displayed a distinct, luminescent green hue and were dispersed across various regions of the planet. The first seven fragments landed in densely populated areas, releasing their energy and forming seven uninhabitable zones, devoid of life.

The eighth fragment impacted a suburban backyard, remaining dormant and not releasing any energy. A young boy discovered the shard, fashioning it into a necklace that he believed to be a lucky charm. Over the years, the necklace was passed down through the family, eventually reaching Raidon, the boy’s grandson.

Raidon, a prodigious intellect and skilled combatant, became fascinated by the necklace and dedicated years to researching its origin and properties. He eventually uncovered a connection between the necklace and the uninhabitable zones, realizing that the other fragments were drawn to one another. Raidon resolved to retrieve and unite the fragments.

Collaborating with a team of scientists, Raidon developed a specialized suit capable of withstanding the intense energy emitted by the fragments. He journeyed across the globe, recovering the fragments and merging them into an emerald-green hexagonal crystal. The gem opened a portal upon completion, transporting Raidon’s consciousness through space and time. He witnessed innumerable cosmic phenomena before arriving on a planet in another dimension, a place known as Thetan World.

Thetan World was a multidimensional nexus, unconstrained by the conventional laws of physics. Serving as a bridge between countless universes, Thetan World was the source of the Thetan Gem, a mineral capable of replacing all forms of energy in existence, and also the gem that Raidon possessed.

Raidon sought the aid of the Thetan Council, an assembly of the most influential individuals in Thetan World, to address the uninhabitable zones on Earth.

The Thetan Council agreed to assist and dispatched scientists, warriors, and a large supply of Thetan Gem to Earth with Raidon. They joined forces with Raidon’s scientific team to form the Earth Council, dedicated to researching and safeguarding the Thetan Gem. News of the Thetan Gem’s potential quickly spread, leading to the formation of numerous factions vying for control of the powerful resource. A global conflict erupted, and Raidon and the Earth Council found themselves at the center of the strife. Joined by two Thetan warriors, Serp and Veinka, Raidon established Operation Delta, the Earth Council’s military arm. Together, they defended the Thetan Gem from other nations and factions in the world and maintained the order of the Earth.

The story of Thetan Arena began, and it promised to change the entire world's fate forever.

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