Thetan Stake

The staking model of Thetan Arena is DIFFERENT and SPECIAL.

THETAN ARENA STAKE (THG Staking) is a unique staking program whereby THG holders can contribute to stabilizing the THG token's value by decreasing the token in circulation and having it locked for a certain amount of time as a long term investment. The benefits from this program include the extra THG token yielded from staking and the opportunities to join private sales of projects with high returns that are going to partner up with Thetan Arena.

At the same time, staking in Thetan Arena is going to be a use case for both the THC & THG tokens:

  • Users will start spending more THC to buy NFT Heroes so that they can use the staking feature, increasing the demand in the marketplace.

  • A 20% fee paid in THC will be applied for Private Sales and burned, decreasing the THC in circulation and boosting the token's value.

  • For every 100 THG, an NFT Hero is required. This will increase the demand for THG in the market.

Thetan Arena Stake

  • Program duration: 01/04/2022 - 15/10/2023

  • Total THG the program will receive: 5,000,000 THG


The staking model in Thetan Arena is DIFFERENT and SPECIAL.

What’s different about the program is that it allows many staking options tailored to the different desires of the users. The program also has additional features that help the users who choose the option to lock the token for 180 days or 360 days to generate more profits besides the THG rewards, which is what makes it special.

Each Thetanian can stake many times and go with a different option each.

For example, a user can choose the Flexible Staking option. After finishing the session, he can make another one with the 180-days, 360-days High Rewards Stake option.

The available options are Flexible Staking and High Rewards Stake.

Unstaking & Claiming gTHG Rewards will be FREE of charge

Timeframes for 03 staking options:

Staking OptionStarts OnStop receive stakingNotes

Flexible Stake



Stop receiving token one day before the program ends

High Rewards Stake 06 months (180 days)



Maturity on 16th October 2023

High Rewards Stake 12 months (360 days)



Maturity on 16th October 2023

(Last updated on Oct 19, 2022)

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