Damage Skill: Dealing a great amount of damage in a short period to your enemies.
    Bullet Storm: Firing bullets continuously. Dealing damage with each bullet hit.
    Timber Bomb: Launching a bomb exploding to deal damage to nearby enemies.
    Deadly Beam: Unleashing a long-range beam of energy, dealing damage to all targets hit.
    Lazer Fan: Imbuing heroes with 3 orbs of laser energy rotating around their bodies. Dealing damage over time when enemies come in contact.
    Explosive Mine: Planting a mine underground. It will explode and deal damage to everything in its nearby area when an enemy step on it.
    Super Rocket: Launching a incredibly long-range flying rocket. It will explode and cause massive damage to the first enemy coming in contact.
    Lazer: Unleashing a wide cone of laser beams to deal massive damage over time. The user cannot move while using this ability.
    Flame Thrower: Set everything on fire in a line. Dealing massive damage to everything the fire reaches.
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