Thetan Arena comes with various types and numbers of Heroes. Each of them has a unique special ability called Fury. Furthermore, each hero has unique stats according to their roles on the battlefield. Thus, choosing a suitable hero for each situation helps players increase the win rate in the Arena of Thetan.

There are 3 types of Heroes:

  • Tank

  • Marksman

  • Assassin

Hero Level

There are two different kinds of Level attributes in Thetan Arena which are Hero Level and In-game Hero Level.

Before joining the playground, Hero Level represents the base attributes of heroes at that Level. When they come into the battlefield, heroes' base attributes will be at In-game Level 1.

During the match, players can level up heroes from Level 1 to Level 10. The In-game heroes' attributes will increase according to their roles.


The Rarity of a hero is determined by 2 elements: the base rarity of that hero and the rarity of its skin. Heroes with a higher rarity have more unique playstyles, abilities and will have a chance to get bonuses in battle rewards.

There are 3 different levels of rarity:

  • Common Hero

  • Epic Hero

  • Legendary Hero

Skin Rarity: Skin rarity is determined by the frequency of the skin in the selling pool. The rarer the cosmetic is, the better it looks like, with more visual effects and bonuses in battle rewards. There are 3 different levels of skin rarity:

  • Default Skin

  • Rare Skin

  • Mythical Skin

Trophy class

Trophy Class represents the mastery of using a hero, which means that hero has been played in thousands of matches. Besides, Trophy Class increases the power of the custom skills chosen by heroes in the game.

The Trophy Class will be graded from H to SS, and the respective benefits.

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