Tank heroes are responsible for becoming frontlines facing up to the enemies and prevent their teammates from receiving damages.

Basic Attributes:

  • Health Point: High

  • Attack Damage: Normal

  • Speed: Slow

Tank Heroes

  • Veinka

Recruited from the Royal British Security Force by the order of the queen, Veinka is mechanically augmented and now joins the United Nation to protect his homeland.

  • Errant Ghost

Errant Ghost is the leader of the Order. He used to be a senior member of the Government; however, he has been expelled from the army because of his power manipulation behavior.

  • Breaker

Breaker is the older brother of the twin criminals in the Metal Outlaws gang. His principle of life is simple: "smash to enjoy".

  • Lucy Muffy

A gangster who loves rock music. Haunted by the thought that the world is too peaceful unlike what shows in her music. So, she creates herself an electric guitar that emits sonic waves to destroy anything she doesn't like.

  • Meiko

A mechanical augmented girl who loves to create powerful mecharobots. Having witnessed many cruel and unfair things in the world, Meiko decided to become a savior by herself. Using her own mecharobot to help the weak, Meiko quickly becomes a trustful hero. Together with Phoenix and Shanna, she is requested to be a protector of the Nova legacy.

  • Kongkey

As a laboratory animal of the Solar Eclipse, Kongkey possesses both the power of an ape and the intelligence of the human. Outside combat, he is really an active and kind friend. However, Kongkey will be filled with rage and will become uncontrollable whenever he gets mad.

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