Code of Conduct

Disclaimer: THETAN ARENA reserves the right to change this Code of Conduct at any time within its sole discretion.

Thetan Arena wants to bring extraordinary talents and gifts to the community. Together, we are building the worldโ€™s largest MOBA Esports based on the Blockchain technology community.

We aim to create a supportive, safe and healthy community that delivers inspirational ideas when people with different interests and needs collaborate, respect, and encourage each other.

Differences in perspectives are inevitable; we embrace and appreciate who contributes to the community. This Code of Conduct ensures that everyone's participation in our community results in mutual benefit and enjoyment. We will not accept any form of prejudice (religious, racial, class, national or gender-related) that could inhibit the participation of individuals in the project. Respect for our users and each other is foundational to our success and is something we need to support every day.

The Code of Conduct is one way we put Thetan Arenaโ€™s values into practice, and we expect all of our employees officially or informally and community members to know and follow the Code.

The Thetan Arena Code of Conduct is based on the OpenMRS Code of Conduct licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Thetan Arena appreciates the OpenMRS community for sharing their work!



Apr 12, 2022

The first version created.

The full version of Code of Conduct v1.0:

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