THC Conversion

In the Thetan World system, the THG token will be the primary currency unit for buying, selling, and conducting other transactions within the system. The THC token will be phased out and will no longer hold any value or utility within the Thetan World or Thetan Arena systems in the future.

So what does this mean for users who currently hold THC?

Users holding THC in their Web3 wallets or other related assets (THC in in-game wallets, NFT Heroes still containing THC) can convert them to THG through our THC Conversion event.

To ensure fairness for all users, we will establish a fixed conversion ratio between THC and THG based on the market value of THC at the time of the event announcement.

The THC conversion event ran for a month, from April 2nd to May 2nd, 2024. After the event concludes, Wolffun will not conduct any further THC conversion rounds. It's essential to note that THC will no longer be usable for interaction or transactions within the Thetan World system. However, THC tokens may still appear on the market, and Wolffun will not be responsible for transactions involving THC outside the Thetan World system.

For FAQs about the THC Conversion event, please visit:

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