Marksmans are the main damage dealers and are responsible for maintaining the DPS amount during the fight.

Basic Attributes:

  • Health Point: Normal

  • Attack Damage: High

  • Speed: Normal

Marksman Heroes

  • Morrod

Member of Sniper Force, Morrod is a silent killer who is the master of scouting and eliminating the target in a really long distance.

  • Cluster

One who is known as a legendary bounty hunter. Cluster is a high-skilled ranger with many combat tricks. His biggest rival is BigPapa with the highest bounty reward. During the capture attempt, Cluster caused many cruel crimes but they were all covered by the government.

  • Steelshot

The Senior Commander of Delta Force, Steelshot, is a master operating campaigns to sweep his enemies' forces and conquer their strongholds using his advanced strategies, technologies, and firepower.

  • Destroid

Wanted by Government groups around the world for committing destructive explosions, Destroid is also known as Explosive Expert. He was requested by Errant Ghost to join the Saviors. His biggest rival is Raidon of the Government.

  • Benjamin

As a weapon expert, Benjamin has a very rebellious personality, which leads to chaos everywhere he goes. Seeing that the Metal Outlaws was suitable for his lifestyle, he decided to join them to bring more destruction to the world

  • Shanna

Shanna is a marksman archer. She used to be a protector for an ancient family in China. Because of going against the Government policies, the family was suppressed and Shanna joined the Nova from then by the will of the last owner.

  • Phoenix

Desired to stop the pain and the suffering of innocent people from the eternal conflicts between Government groups, Phoenix decided to join the Nova. Phoenix rapidly becomes a core member of the Nova using her talents and gifted special abilities.

  • BigPapa

A notorious godfather from South America, BigPapa represents the dominating and supreme power of the underworld. Don't even dare to mess up with him.

  • Culien

Culien is a creature from outer space. He has a cute look of a baby with a hidden chaotic and cunning personality.

  • Bathos

Losing his family in a war between the Government army and the Rebels, Bathos was heavily injured and saved by the Solar Eclipse. After being rescued by the faction, he has sworn to live a life as an avenger.

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