Free to Earn

What is Free to Earn?

Free to earn is a new definition and was first proposed by Thetan Arena in its economic system. Free to earn means: players do not need to invest any money to play in the game, the only thing they need to commit is time and effort.

So how to do this? When a player starts the game, the system will give the player a normal character called Raidon. Players use this character to participate in completely free battles.

When the player wins the match, they can claim Thetan Coin and Thetan Gem.

How are free heroes distributed?

When players log into the game for the first time, they will be given a free hero at Level 1 and 2 more heroes later. Players can still use $THC (Thetan Coin) or power points to upgrade those heroes for free normally. The only difference is that free heroes are not eligible for minting and being sold on the NFT marketplace.

Free to earn flow chart:

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