Campaign (PvE)


A Campaign is a special event requiring users to join forces together to conquer the battleground. The event includes one or more chapters. Players should choose suitable missions for the team considering the situation. So make your decisions wisely.

User Segment

Suitable for users who enjoy playing co-op with their friends or even users who want to test their skills by trying a solo run through the whole campaign.

  • Users who are looking for a new challenge with a higher standard of skills.

  • Users who have a mind for strategy and a love for conquering.

  • All kinds of players: from casual players to hardcore professionals.

Reward Description

Players will be received rewards after completing a chapter. If they manage to go more further in the campaign, the rewards will be stacked until the last chapter. Rewards have static values; if many players team up and compete in the event, it will be split equally. However, only participants who are eligible to receive premium rewards will have options to choose them.

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