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High Rewards Stake

Best staking option
This option produces higher returns and creates more benefits for participants. Additionally, it also has some extra perks that made it special.
  • 02 options: 06 months (180-days) OR 12 months (360-days) lock duration
  • NFT Hero (* required): At least a pair of 100 THG & 1 NFT hero is required. If a user wants to stake 1000 THG, he/she will be required to have 10 NFT heroes
  • Daily gTHG reward
  • APR up to 240%
  • SPECIAL: Users who use this option will receive Private Tickets, which will accumulate over time. These Private Tickets are for participating in Private Sales from Thetan Arena’s partner projects with potentially high returns.
Each user can stake many times and go with a different option each time

(*) NFT Hero is required for the High Rewards Stake option:

  • NOTICED: The NFT heroes staked will disappear forever.
  • The ratio is 01 NFT Hero : 100 THG
  • Must be NFT heroes. If the heroes are being sold or rented in the marketplace, they cannot be used for staking.
  • Regardless of the rarity (Common, Epic, Legendary) or class (Assassin, Marksman, Tank).
  • Regardless of the gTHC Battles each hero has left.


  • Log in to your game account (Wolffun ID)
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to Thetan Arena's Marketplace
  • After logging in to the Wolffun ID and connecting Metamask
  • Choose High Rewards Stake option
  • Choose the amount of NFT Heroes you want to stake, and the THG will be automatically calculated (the ratio 1 NFT Hero : 100 THG)
  • Choose the specific NFT heroes (the list of heroes has been automatically filtered by gTHC battles)
  • Choose one of the two lock durations: 06 months (180-days) or 12 months (360-days).